Chemical Residue Tests

  • AT3        Standard residue test screen
  • AT4        Dithiocarbamate fungicides
  • AT5        Expanded screen
  • AT6        AT3, AT4 and AT5
  • AT7        AT3 + AT5 (For Coles)
  • AT8        Sulphur dioxide
  • ATZ        Specific compounds as arranged

Heavy Metal Tests

  • AM1      Cadmium
  • AM2      Cadmium, Lead and Mercury
  • AM3      Arsenic
  • AM4      Lead (Coles requirement)
  • AM5      Cadmium, Lead


  • ES1         E coli swab
  • ES2         Listeria species swab
  • ES3         Salmonella
  • ES4         Total microbial count
  • SPC        Total viable aerobic count

Microbiological Tests of Produce

  • MB1       E coli
  • MB2       E coli, Listeria
  • MB3       E coli, Listeria, Salmonella (Coles high risk)
  • MB4       E coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Staph and coliforms (Woolworths)
  • MB5       Listeria species
  • MB7       Listeria monocytogenes
  • MB10    Salmonella
  • MB16    E coli and Salmonella (Coles low risk)
  • MB18    Coliform count
  • MB20    Clostridium perfirngens
  • MB21    Bacillus cereus
  • LAB        Lactic acid bacteria

Water Tests

  • W1         Water test for E coli
  • pH          pH of water

Chemical Residue and Microbial Testing (2019/2020)

Rudge Produce Systems is continuing to provide a chemical residue and micro testing service.
We offer competitive pricing and faster reporting time (8 working days).
Laboratories have NATA accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025
We collect samples from the Melbourne Market every day.
For most produce we need at least 1 kg for each test requested. For berries a minimum of 250 g is required for each test. For water 600 ml is required.
If you need results sooner than the normal 8 working days, there is a 50% surcharge.
For more information call Rudge Produce Systems on (03) 9408 4460.