Our Services

Preshipment Inspections

Many things can go wrong with export. There is a lot at stake with every consignment. Be comforted by the knowledge that your consignment meets key maturity, quality and temperature requirements. Many exporters use a Rudge report as the basis for obtaining inherent vice insurance.

If there is anything that might affect your decision to ship, we’ll call you immediately.


Outturn Inspections

Sometimes your interstate or overseas suppliers do not believe what you tell them. Use our international reputation for independence to add credibility to reports on problems. “Lock us in” as a routine part of your quality assurance program for imported or interstate consignments.



No matter what we put in our reports, there are many growers and suppliers that simply want to see the photographs. There is no more compelling evidence than a good set of photographs from an independent source. On the other hand many customers (especially overseas customers) use emailed photographs as a promotional tool. Whether produce is good or bad, photographs do not lie.


Chemical Residue Testing

Many of our customers ask us to organise product testing to verify the effectiveness of food safety programs. We provide rapid, cost-effective NATA accredited testing. Rudge Produce Systems is also involved in a number of government testing programs.

Residue Test Request Form – Wholesaler (PDF)

Residue Test Request Form – Grower (PDF)

Residue Test Price List (PDF)



When fresh produce is traded internationally or interstate everything has to be done right at both ends. Rudge Produce Systems has been monitoring export and imported produce since 1989. Claims on suppliers and other parties can be a real minefield. Rely on our expertise to ensure you comply with complex and inflexible claim procedures.


Problem Solving

Use our specialist expertise to get to the bottom of problems related to growing, handling, storage and transport.


Quality Assurance Support

We can help all players in the industry to maintain food safety and quality programs, including Freshcare, HACCP, ISO 9000, WQA, SQF1000 and SQF2000, and certified systems.

A quality system does not finish with certification. Use Rudge Produce Systems to help you with all routine requirements and the tricky bits that you may not want to do yourself. This includes internal audits, preparing documents and HACCP review. Come to us for supply and maintenance of testing equipment and anything else you need to operate your quality system.



Market and regulatory requirements are constantly changing. Both management and employees must keep pace with these changes. Ongoing training is essential. Rudge Produce Systems are registered Freshcare trainers and offers industry experience and qualified training services for all sectors of horticulture.

No matter what type of business you operate, grower, marketer or retailer, try our technical advice and training. With rapid advances in technology, we’ll help your business keep up to date with technology that is relevant and adds value.


Pack House & Grading Specialists

Rudge Produce Systems specialises in pack house operations. We have particular skills in product specifications, quality systems, post harvest handling and training. Our service enables pack house clients to produce the right product, efficiently and consistently.