About Us


Rudge Produce Systems works actively to preserve our independence. We do not take trading positions with produce or with products that in any way compromises our independence. Our clients include growers and grower groups, marketing companies, importers, exporters, retailers as well as government agencies.


We give you the benefit of many years experience in horticulture production, post harvest handling and marketing. Through our Australian and overseas networks, clients have access to a wealth of expertise.


We have contact every day with clients throughout Australia and overseas from growers to retailers. From this contact, and regular training, we keep in touch with the latest information and trends.


Rudge Produce Systems is committed to you, our clients. We retain your business only because we’ve earned your trust repeatedly over time.

Rudge Produce Systems is authorised by the Melbourne Market Authority to certify produce submitted for destruction. We have this function because of our hard-earned reputation for being objective and impartial. Our services are also used by marine insurance companies for specialist advice and claims settlement.

Packhouse and Grading Specialists

Rudge Produce Systems specialises in packhouse operations. We have particular skills in product specifications, quality systems, post harvest handling and training. Our service enables packhouse clients to produce the right product, efficiently and consistently.

Our services to you:

  • Inspection of produce
  • Investigating problems
  • Analysing quality data
  • Digital photographs
  • Chemical residue testing
  • Quality systems support
  • Photography
  • Training

Rely on us to extend your resources & know you made the right decision.