Rudge Produce Systems is a network of fresh produce professionals. Our people are located in major growing and marketing locations all over Australia. We provide expert assessments of fruit and vegetables wherever you need us, faster and more cost-effectively than you could yourself.

Our Services include:

  • Preshipment Inspections
  • Outturn Inspections
  • Photography
  • Chemical Residue Testing
  • Claims
  • Problem Solving
  • Quality Assurance Support
  • Training
  • Pack House & Grading Specialists

About Us

Whether you want trouble-shooting or routine assessments to support your supply chain, our informed, objective and independent representatives of fresh produce can add considerable value to your business.

Supply chains are making increasing use of our database services to analyse information on quality and benchmark suppliers.

We pride ourselves on doing that bit extra with a fast response anywhere, anytime.


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Latest News

New office location

Rudge Produce Systems is currently located upstairs in the Melbourne Market Authority office building. Our contact details are: Phone: 03 9408 4645 Fax 03 9401 4625 Email: office@rudge.com.au

Epping market move

Rudge Produce Systems is currently in the process of moving its office out to the Epping market. For all inquiries please continue to use the current contact details (our mailing address has now changed). We will be updating these over the next few weeks